The Sanskrit word "yoga" means "union". Yoga is the science of union with the divine. However, it is not a religion. Yoga deals with universal truths and wisdom and is therefore compatible with all faiths and none.

Yoga originated in India and has spread all around the world. It has been developed over thousands of years to promote health and happiness by working on the mind, the body and spirit. The ancient yogis practised meditation to join their inner spirit with the spirit of the universe. If and when they achieved this unity they became enlightened. All the yoga postures (asanas) that we now do, were initially developed to prepare our body to sit perfectly still during extended periods of meditation.

Hatha Yoga simply works because it follows a systematic system designed to develop and unite all aspects of the individual (mind, body and emotions):

  • Attitudes towards others and learning to live in harmony in society (yamas)
  • Attitudes towards ourselves and keeping our body, mind and spirit in health and happiness (niyamas)
  • Practising physical postures to release tension of mind and body (asanas)
  • Breathing properly in order to balance energy (pranayama)
  • Exploring the senses in order to gain mastery over external influences (pratyahara)
  • Developing and maintaining proper concentration (dharana)
  • Resting in effortless meditation (dhyana)
  • Becoming one with the infinite (samadhi)

    Regular practice will succeed in helping you become physically fitter, mentally more alert, emotionally and personally more stable and confident about your daily life.