Following are a selection of testimonials received from our students.

I have been to Tracey’s yoga classes for just over six months and I have to say I enjoy them very much. I didn’t know anything about yoga before and now, with Tracey’s expert help, I feel more agile and flexible than ever before. Tracey is very good at producing an environment that makes one feel calm and spiritual. She creates the right balance between the physical and the relaxation aspects of yoga. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Judy

I have been going to Tracey's Powerplate sessions since mid-Feb and I have never felt trimmer and fitter. Thanks to Tracey's gentle but firm encouragement I'm getting great results - all for 2 half hour sessions a week, which is perfect for time poor people like me. I can't recommend it enough! Emma

Tracey is an enthusiastic and inspirational yoga teacher and I have no doubt that the coaching I have received from her, will continue to add significant value to my personal wellbeing. I responded to a bright pink leaflet that came through the letterbox. On making that initial phone call, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a yoga teacher and classes just 5 minutes round the corner from my house. Being a previous cancer patient (6 years ago) with concerns about the strength of my neck due to surgery and side effects from the radiotherapy, it has often been difficult sometimes to find a suitable exercise class with an understanding teacher. Tracey is one of those teachers who is continually aware of each pupils needs in each class you attend. She always provides alternative yoga postures and cushions where required to accommodate each pupil and their capabilities. I have been attending Tracey’s yoga classes for a few months now and always return home feeling relaxed and calm after each class, looking forward to the following week’s class. Naomi

What a great way to spend one hour of precious me-time. Stretching, feeling balanced and more flexible by the end of the class. Thank you. Angela

Just to say what a wonderful and warm way to relax and unwind with Yoga. Tracey is a first class yoga teacher with a voice like an angel, so soothing and serene. I look forward to my sessions every week. THANK YOU. Loulla

Since starting yoga classes with Tracey 5 months ago, I have noticed that I feel less stressed with my everyday life. I have three children and life is always "on the go", but I look forward to my weekly sessions and Tracey has taught me to relax my mind and shut off for an hour and a half. My friends and family have also noticed that my posture is so much better as I used to hunch my back a lot when I walked, so the back ache that I used to get often has also subsided. I thoroughly recommend yoga and pilates for busy mums, and the best bit - my body seems to be much more toned! Andrea

I was a complete novice when I started practicing Yoga with Tracey – she is a patient, encouraging and wonderful teacher who focuses on all aspects of the holistic and physical experience. As you develop she really encourages you to fulfill your potential and I love my weekly practice in her peaceful private studio. If you have always wanted to try yoga and never quite known where to start then practicing with Tracey is the most perfect way to begin. If you are already more experienced then Tracey will ensure that the class accommodates your needs too. I cannot recommend Tracey and HolisticFit more wholeheartedly. Sara

I have been going to Tracey's Yoga since she first started teaching. She is enthusiastic and friendly and offers a tranquil and spiritual environment in which to practice Yoga. I find her particulalry sympathetic to each individual in her class, whether a beginner or more experienced allowing everyone to come away feeling relaxed and re-energised, both physically and spiritually. Christine